10 Twitter Users That Every Marketing Professional Should Follow

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If you are using the micro-Blogging platform Twitter you may have noticed something interesting over the past month or so: as user adoption continues to increase and as Twitter gets more and more recognition in the mass media, the number of people following you may be out-pacing the number of people "friending" you on Facebook. It may be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Here are ten people on Twitter that every Marketing Professional should follow (in alphabetical order):

Arjun Basu.

Arjun is the Editorial Director over at spafax. His tweets have nothing to do with business, media or marketing. He calls them "twisters". 140 character pieces of fiction. Take a read, they are awesome and it’s an amazing (and creative) use of Twitter.

Josh Bernoff.

Bernoff is a Forrester Research analyst and the co-author of the book, Groundswell. If something new and cutting-edge is happening, Bernoff is tweeting it up.

The Book Oven.

This a multi-authored Twitter stream from a new start-up that is looking at technology and the publishing industry. This Twitter feed is usually packed with great links all about the publishing industry.

Barbara Gibson.

Gibson is Chair of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), and a PR and communication strategy consultant based in the UK. Her professionalism and industry experience shines through in her tweets. Too many people float the word "Social Media Strategist" out there. Gibson is the real deal.

Neville Hobson.

As co-host of one of the best marketing and communications Podcast out there, For Immediate Release, Hobson is immersed in the news and media that lies at the intersection of technology and marketing. He really allows his personal voice to resonate on Twitter as well.

Avinash Kaushik.

Kaushik is the analytics evangelist for Google, author of Web Analytics – An Hour A Day and Blogger over at Occam’s Razor. His tweets add a whole other dimension to the world of web analytics, but more importantly, marketing.

Amber MacArthur.

She slices, she dices, she does it all. MacArthur is a tech journalist, Web strategist and professional speaker. She also does some amazing video podcasting and always adds value in her Twitter feed.

Jeremiah Owyang.

Everyone loves Owyang. He is a Senior Analyst, Social Computing, for Forrester Research and is a monster on Twitter. Always present. Always relevant. Always worth following.

Jay Rosen.

Rosen teaches journalism at NYU, writes the blog PressThink, directs NewAssignment.net, and is one of the smartest guys in the room when it comes to media and publishing. He’s like the Charlie Rose of Twitter – tons of high brow content and conversation.

Darren Rowse.

Rowse is the guy behind ProBlogger. He is constantly providing great links and insight on new media and new publishing platforms. Well worth following if you’ve been grappling with Social Media and its implications on business.

Who do you think Marketing professionals should be paying more attention to on Twitter?


  1. All great adds. Some of these are people I know and love too. Others I need to follow. Keep them coming.
    If you do add names, please feel free to include their Twitter username, so people can find them (like Scott did).
    If you’re looking to add some these people, you can also do a quick search on Google with their name and just add the word Twitter at the end of your search.

  2. Add Darth Vader – /darthvader
    It’s not marketing related, but it’ll give you a laugh every day…

  3. thanks for the hat tip! …
    some i like:
    @mattforsythe (illustrator, graphic novelist, new media guy at NFB)
    @mdash (lots of great stuff about evolving publishing biz)
    @stephenfry (for a lesson on “how truly famous people should use twitter”)

  4. Wow, honoured to be on your list, so don’t deserve it. I’m just learning and enjoying myself. I will admit to being a communication strategist, but don’t think I’m up to the Social Media Strategist mark. Anyway, thanks for the shout-out, Mitch. And for the list of other people to connect with!

  5. Great list Mitch! And I like the suggestions da folks made.
    I would humbly submit …
    (But ya knew the last two were coming!)

  6. So now I know why I gained over 30 new followers in less than a few hours. Thanks, Mitch, appreciate your recommendation.
    I’d like to suggest this handful of communicators for your readers to hook up with or, at least, follow:

  7. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing Mitch. A lot of good reading there.
    My favorite reading however is Avinash Kaushik who is a true Analytics guy in every sense of the word.
    His best line is “statistics hide the truth.”

  8. Just a correction to my previous post, Avinash Kaushik says that averages hide the truth and not statistics as I have previously said.

  9. Mitch,
    Thanks for the list. I have added most everyone to a tweetdeck column.
    I certainly was following some but I always look for new points of view on the marketing, business and communications front.

  10. Thanks especially for recommending Arjun Basu. I’d been wondering about Twitter fiction and this is a great place to start. I wonder, do you think he has another Twitter account for non-fiction?
    Would you recommend that someone has a separate Twitter account for fiction, poetry?

  11. John – I think you need to do what feels right. I have two Twitter accounts: one for my personal stuff and marketing (@mitchjoel) and one for more of the business book type of stuff (@bizbookreview).

  12. I have a lots of great people in my Twitter account like Problogger, shoemoney, johnchow, copyblogger, psdtuts, and so on but the rest from that list is seems very new to me, i really don know whats their reputation but reading your description gives me n insight, Thank i will have a look at their site

  13. Good to see so many people I follow and have developed friendships with on this list. There were a few I would have added, but it looks like others that commented beat me to it.

  14. Wow, that’s a lot of great suggestions! Thanks to all.
    Another marketing prof that I follow is @madmain. He really knows how to tie new media and social media to advertising.

  15. Haha. WillT, I must not have refreshed between the time you posted and I posted. Funny we had the same idea.

  16. This is definitely a great list, Mitch! All the recommendations are fantastic, looking forward to some intellectual and though-provoking conversations rather than reading the usual “taking a shit. brb.” and other useless information, lol.

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