SPOS #294 – The Marketing Agency Blueprint With Paul Roetzer

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Welcome to episode #294 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast.What does it take to create and nurture a modern marketing agency in this day and age? The answer is not as obvious as it used to be. From choosing the right services to offer and finding the proper pricing structure, to being able to clearly identify your services to your clients and potential clients, it’s a complex business to build and (sometimes) an even harder business offering to sell to clients. Paul Roetzer grapples with this – each and every day – as he builds his own marketing agency, PR 20/20, by trying to use a very different model. The Cleveland-based marketing professional has a deep affinity for inbound marketing and new pricing models, which he shares in his first business book, The Marketing Agency Blueprint – The handbook for building hybrid, PR, SEO, Content, Advertising, and Web firms. We dig deep into some of the tougher questions, and as you will hear, it doesn’t always end with a definite answer, but with more questions and more experimentation (in the great tradition of entrepreneurship). Enjoy the conversation…

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #294 – Host: Mitch Joel.

Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #294 – Host: Mitch Joel.


  1. Found this rethinking the agency very interesting and provocative. And Paul’s approach: Testing new ways of doing things. Learning. Adapting… Oh and focusing on customer value. Very refreshing! Thanks.
    On the topic of big versus mid-market companies and Mitch your observation that the big companies seem to be drifting back to big consolidated agencies. The one thing that I think you didn’t quite get to that I think cannot be ignored is that it’s not just because big corporate is big and their marketing departments may or may not know or believe in or want to try inbound marketing. It’s that large public company’s leaders are ultimately responsible to Boards who last time I looked were in a demographic that makes it unlikely that they know more than what their grandkids tell them about social media [gross generalization, but you know what I mean]. On top of that the current economic fear and uncertainty will make even the most enlightened Boards more risk averse. The new frontier? I can hear you groaning from here. : )

  2. Everything you said here applies to every B2B, including my bookkeeping business.
    Business as usual isn’t and we are getting questioned more about value.
    I really like what Paul says about the business model not being only about hourly billing, but about all the value we bring, in education and services.

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