What Three URLs Are On Your Mind Today?

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What’s on your mind today? What three URLs have you been looking at more than usual today? I wish I remembered where I saw this question asked (or who asked it) over the weekend (it must have been on Twitter).

Here are the three URLs that are my mind today:

1. MarketingVox – whether it’s great stats or interesting/breaking news items in the online marketing world, nothing beats MarketingVox. I was just reading an amazing article they published today called, Online Journalists Pin Hopes on Ads, Fret about Values. It’s actually astonishing how often they have relevant news items and articles.

2. Google News – through the personalization to the global perspective, Google News has quickly become one of the only tabs I always keep open and frequently refresh in my browser. Some of the more "breaking news" I tweet about usually comes from something on Google News. Today, it’s been used mostly to keep up on the earthquake in Italy and the North Korea rocket launch.

3. Online Journalism Blog – This is one of those Blogs that is so rich with content on a constant and consistent basis that it’s almost overwhelming. Almost. Today, I was catching up on the post, What’s the future for local and regional media? If you like this one, Journalism 2.0 is also amazing. That one had a post today titled, The future of journalism depends on the future of the Internet. Great stuff.

What three URLs are on your mind today?


  1. odemagazine.com — because I care
    designobserver.com — because the world is beautiful
    royalroads.ca — because I will try to make the above matter here.

  2. twitter.com –because i’m still studying it
    friendfeed.com — changes made me revisit its lack of utility for me
    americastestkitchen.com –studying strong performance of owner-written email

  3. http://sphinn.com – News, Discussion Forums & Networking For Search & Internet Marketing Professionals
    http://www.facebook.com – It’s how I keep in touch with my network of people.
    http://twitter.com – I get live feeds on news and what is currently going on in my network of people as well as web sites that have Twitter updates. The thing I love is that it’s live and upon refreshing the page it gets updated.

  4. I saw it on Jeff Pulver’s tweetstream.
    My 3 URL’s
    facebook.com total mindshare thing
    keithhennessey.com just read a good post there
    mashable.com 5 essential traits for community managers

  5. Gartner.com
    Forrester.com – busy doing lots of market research today on buyer personas
    Google News – like you keeping up with the latest news and tracking Social media and Enterprise Search topics

  6. Google News (same as you, it has become one of the only tabs I always keep open).
    ieee.org (it’s a great source of technical knowledge for a business analyst working on complex IT solutions for business problems)
    twitter.com (trying to understand how to make this platform work for small companies, and wondering why the people there I might want to follow keep mixing personal notes with their professional thoughts – which to me is a huge turn-off).

  7. Great post idea Mitch!
    Today, I’m looking at:
    — I’m exploring the world of stocks today because I’ve made a decision to take control of my own finances (i.e. not use a typical financial adviser/stock broker)
    Anyone have any other good financial sites? I prefer Canadian advice at the moment…
    — great little animation I’m showing off at my New Media Manitoba animation workshop today

  8. BigThink great expert content and liking the concept
    EnergyFirst.com ordering this great product while reviewing their poorly organized IA
    CartCraze.com new to me – gallery of eCommerce Shopping Cart sites

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