What Do You Miss?

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Here’s what I miss:

  • A handshake. 
  • A high five. 
  • A hug. 
  • A two-cheek kiss. 
  • An early morning walk without having to cross the street or keep my distance from humans. 
  • Waiting for the cafe to open (up and at ’em early). 
  • Working without the looming fear of catching a virus. 
  • An early morning almond milk latte with a friend or someone with a business idea. 
  • Settling into my office and looking forward to a bustling day of business conversations and meetings. 
  • Deciding where to eat lunch (and with whom). 
  • Reaching out to authors and thinkers, asking them to be a guest on my podcast, and not worrying that the ask might sound out of line. 
  • Not paying attention to the news and every news update. 
  • Not worrying about every surface that I touch. 
  • Not worrying about touching my face.
  • Not worrying about wearing gloves. 
  • Not worrying if I have enough food and supplies. 
  • Not worrying about the health of family and friends. 
  • Not worrying about whether or not I washed my hands enough. 
  • Making plans to see a concert. 
  • Going to the bookstore. 
  • Going to a concert. 
  • Weekly visits to my local comic book store. 
  • Going into pen shops. 
  • Running into people on the street. 
  • The library. 
  • The recreation center. 
  • Extra curricular activities. 
  • Booking flights. 
  • Visiting different cities, airports and hotels. 
  • Speaking in front of audiences. 
  • Meeting people at events. 
  • A filled inbox.
  • Not enough time to meet all of the people that I want to meet.
  • Struggling to find the time to read a book.
  • Coming home.

I miss you.

What do you miss?