Tom Asacker – Reflections On His Presentation

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What a remarkable event this past Thursday night here in Montreal. Tom Asacker – famed Author of Sandbox Wisdom and A Clear Eye For Branding – came to Montreal and gave a dazzling hour-plus presentation on business wisdom (or there lack of), marketing insights and branding realities to over sixty people as part of The Montreal Business Book Club November 2005 session.
The event raised close to fifteen hundred dollars for local charities as Tom made the crowd laugh, think and imagine a world where the customer’s expectations are met by brands.
Tom Asacker bubbles with passion as he runs through though marketing stories and stupidities harvesting examples from Time Magazine, the sock puppet, Alicia Keys and even the pain relief section of his local pharmacy – I am still trying to decide if I want to feel good now or later?
A special thanks to Patrick for donating the space, Dan for the food and drinks, Agi for the special water bottles, Alexandra and Jonathan for helping me out with logistics on site, Monique for the enchanting dinner that followed (West Side!), and the entire team at Twist Image for allowing me the privilege of doing events like this and The Montreal Business Book Club.
An extra special thanks to Tom Asacker who took the initiative to come to Montreal and deliver a presentation that has spurred ongoing conversation and thoughts into how we, as marketers, can work with our consumers to make our businesses have soul and passion.
Check out his Blog here: Tom Asacker.