1. Holy Shit. That was amazing. Talk about bold and also really uplifting. As an ex-artist and someone who works with lots of artists and also people in the non-profit arts world, his message is very encouraging.
    Thanks for sharing this Mitch. It left me really thinking about what this could all mean for artists.

  2. Perspective Is Everything. Living with a disability – What a blessing. Thoughts and lessons learned along the way.
    Perspective is Everything. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” –Anonymous.
    Perspective. There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

  3. This was a compelling one. I’ve observed snippets of the same things, but he really pulled all together in an amazing way. From my perspective as a social platform vendor, we’ve been working toward “embedding social” pretty seriously for a while now. I do wonder if he has a small blind spot when it comes to Facebook though; I believe that they are headed for the same splintering and diffusion that happened to Windows and Google search.

  4. Mitch, thanks for blowing my mind (guess the credit actually goes to Roger but you get the finder fee credit) first thing on a Saturday morning. This was so good I’ve had to bookmark it so I can rewatch this again tonight and take notes.

  5. That was fun! And to answer Rosemary’s observation about Facebook, I agree. I got the sense Mr McNamee was talking about Facebook’s dominance with a “for now” subtext, but I could be wrong.

  6. Unsure if I agree with the idea that Facebook will die out as Mike and Rosemary seem to be hinting at.
    I think that mindset was a premature forecast based off the reality that most social sites were too much to manage and that there would always be a newer and better one on the horizon. But, Facebook has some of the best developers ensuring their’s will stay the best. Facebook growth is mind blowing. It’s closing in on a Billion users. That’s a 7th of the world population and it’s the main tool that’s connecting us to everyone now. I think Facebook could potentially die off but, until they falter they’ve really shown resilience and I’m unsure if I see them going away or starting to decline any-time in the near future.
    The whole idea of social is dependant on a network that’s able to connect everyone – Facebook is doing that. I think proof comes from Google’s ability to create a superior product through Google + but, unable to pull the masses over to connect everyone. I know it’s early but, I don’t see them stealing people from Facebook. Google+ is a better platform in essence but, it’s the people that make Facebook better in actuality.
    As for the rest of Roger’s perspective here – he seems to be pretty bang on. HTML5 is going to reshape our web.
    Currently everything good is being produced through apps via app stores but, this idea of maintaining apps for all the different OS devices is mad. Which is where the web and HTML5 come back into the conversation.
    HTML5 gives us the ability to do all through browser that we can do through apps without cluttering our devices and machines (how many apps do you have on your homescreen? Scrap them all). Bring the “cloud” into the conversation. Cloud, HTML5, Browser – which brings us to Google’s vision with their Chrome OS where everything is driven through a browser. No need for a OS that bogs down your computer because everything is accessible through cloud/browser.
    You can make available the things you need offline like they’ve created with Google Music – bring that strategy to everything – Google Docs, email, music, programs like photoshop, games – make them all into online/offline apps and essentially you have a computer through browser. Where you’re able to shift around what’s taking up your devices storage when offline and totally storage free when you’re connected online optimizing your device’s speed.
    It’s going to be a very interesting next couple years shaped by Apple, Google and Facebook pushing each other.

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