Testing The New Microsoft Search Engine… And Discovering My Roots

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I was just perusing Tom Peters’ Blog and saw his post about Microsoft’s new Search Engine (still in Beta) and their head-to-head attack for Google‘s space. My first instinct was to pull an ego-surf (you know type in my name in quotations, “Mitch Joel,” to see what pops up). Much to my surprise I found this link from an old friend and present colleague that I used to hire for articles in my old magazines about tech and “what’s next.”
His post next to an article he wrote for one of my publications (Enrage Magazine) is: “*Interesting aside: Enrage, published by Mitch Joel, was arguably one of the earliest magazines in the world to go online. When I laid eyes on the World Wide Web for the first time, on a Sun SPARCstation running Mosaic, my words were already there. That was an experience.”
I guess I’m starting to show my stripes.You can view Mark’s stuff here and the article, “Enrage on the Net: Enrage Magazine becomes one of the world’s first magazines on the World Wide Web.* (Enrage, 1994),” here.
As for MSN’s search tool – it needs more prodding, so I’m going to follow some tricks I learned from Tara Calishain of Research Buzz fame before making any declarations. So far, it seems impressive but not impressive enough to switch me away from Google… just yet.