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One of the primary reasons for doing this Blog was to keep the content on the Twist Image corporate website constant and corporate. The basic concept was that the Twist Image website was our corporate portal to the world and this Blog is the personal voice.
Well, we’re going through some tremendous changes, so we’ve updated all of our content on the Twist Image website (in both English and French). This includes everything from the home page copy to the services to the portfolio. We also have a new Blog-like website in the works (hint: it will help you understand and navigate this brave new world of marketing) that we’ll launch in the coming weeks. Obviously, that will be announced in this Blog as well.
In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out the new words on the Twist Image website. Please shoot me feedback. I’d love to know if we’ve done our job in letting the world know what we do.
You may also notice, in the coming weeks, some additional functionality to the corporate Twist Image website (RSS feeds, Vlogs, a new Flash interface to compliment our services section and other Easter eggs).
You can play around with the site here: Twist Image Website.


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