MSN Presents The Top 10 Dot-Com Flops

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A special thanks to Carl for sending over this link. MSN featured The Top 10 Dot-Com Flops. This is a sad (but fun) trip down memory lane. The article, written by Kent German, starts with this:
“The most astounding thing about the dot-com boom was the obscene amount of money that was spent. Zealous venture capitalists fell over themselves to invest millions in Internet start-ups; dot-coms blew millions on spectacular marketing campaigns; new college graduates became instant millionaires (albeit on paper) and rushed out to spend it; and companies with unproven business models executed massive IPOs with sky-high stock prices. Of course, we all know what eventually happened to this world. Few of these companies actually made enough money to recoup that cash, and when their investors fled to the hills, these start-ups died dramatic deaths. These are the celebrity victims of the new-economy bust…”
I’ll leave you to enjoy this hiccup in our economy. I have to admit, I love the concept of Kozmo (and I have heard that they are coming back).
Here’s the article: MSN Presents The Top 10 Dot-Com Flops.