Innovations In The Idea Economy

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The Idea Economy is all about education.

Personal digital learning is a reality. How we adapt, nurture, embrace and create this reality will be one of our biggest challenges. This is the message of Tom Vander Ark. Today, Tom was called "an edu-futurist par excellence" by Fast Company in the article, Why Google Is The Most Important Learning Tool Ever Invented.

This is fascinating… and this is a fascinating TED Talk.

Please take eleven minutes out of your very busy schedule and watch Tom Vander Ark’s TEDx talk for a glimpse of how we can prepare our kids for the idea economy…


  1. What I love about this is that the idea that customizing, motivation, equalizing, measuring net benefit, etc is applicable across most sectors in the idea economy (outside of education). Great Talk.

  2. Just like the publishing industry’s stubborn resistance to the new realities our school system’s vested interests will be slow to change, but change they will. I briefly explained Sal Khan’s online lessons to our 15 year old daughter a few weeks ago and her face lit up with understanding. The future is indeed very bright.

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