Apple Intelligence Is Core To The Future

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Apple jumps (big splash!) into the artificial intelligence… and it feels like the future is closer than ever.

Is that just buzz or raw truth?
They’re calling it Apple Intelligence (clever play on “artificial intelligence”) and it was launched last week at their WWDC 2024 event.

What are we getting?

It feels like we’re getting AI sprinkled into every nook and cranny of the iPhone (and the iPad and MacBooks).
Sure, it’s got quirky tricks like being able to create custom emojis on the fly by simply typing a description (want an emoji of a raccoon licking an ice cream cone? Just type it in, and there it is!).
But the real game-changer lies in the updates to Siri and the writing and composing tools (imagine asking your phone to rewrite an email to make it more professional or punch up a boring text message).

And your voice will boom too.

For many, Siri has often been seen as lagging, but that hasn’t stopped us from using our voice (instead of our fingers) to create and navigate.
Now, Siri becomes a true voice assistant… in every sense of the word.
You will be able to give Siri more complex commands and watch it seamlessly perform tasks across multiple apps (that sounds like a real assistant).

So, is Apple slow to AI?

Not a chance.
OpenAI and Microsoft might have taken the early lead in the consumer facing Generative AI race, but Apple’s had machine learning for some time and is looking at their large language model approach with a focus user privacy.


Apple Intelligence represents a significant leap forward in AI technology – it really does feel like it will be a massive layer within everything Apple delivers.
As we embrace these advancements (and we will), it’s crucial to balance leveraging AI’s benefits and maintaining our agency and privacy.

Apple could be the ones to really get it right.

This is what David Heurtel and I discussed on CJAD 800 AM. Listen in right here.

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