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December 31, 2017 5:05 AM

SPOS #599 - Better Brand Stories With Mark Evans

Welcome to episode #599 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Mirum Podcast

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Mirum Podcast - Episode #599 - Host: Mitch Joel. There is a real struggle in business today. Regardless of how far brands have travelled, when it comes to advertising, social media and content marketing, the vast majority of businesses today struggle with how to tell a great brand story. I've had the pleasure of knowing Mark Evans for a long while. We go all the way back to the early days of blogging (2003-ish). Back then, Mark held one of the most coveted roles in publishing, as the tech journalist for one of the largest national newspapers. As blogging took hold and social media transformed the media landscape, Mark did not just lie back and go quietly into the night. On the contrary, he embraced this new media. Now, he works as a consultant helping businesses to tell a better brand story. He's the author of Storytelling for Startups (which is going to be updated and renamed in 2018), and is an advisor to many other companies. Along with being an avid hockey and tennis player, he still writes... and even has one of Canada's leading newsletters on marketing. Enjoy the conversation...

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By Mitch Joel