Six Pixels of Separation - The Blog
December 30, 2009 1:20 PM

Time To Think

Now is the time to slow down. To step away from the Twitter. To take a break from Blogging... or, maybe not.

Where do ideas come from? Do they hit you in the shower? While on a long walk? How do you document your thoughts or revelations? Personally, this Blog is where all of my personal brain matter ideation gets dumped. Some of it never makes it here (it sits on scraps of paper, in the notes section on my iPhone or in one of many Moleskin notebooks scattered throughout my house, offices and briefcases/knapsacks), but the ideas that are simply bubbling over in me get tossed into words that I jam with on this space.

That's why it's rare that this Blog takes a vacation, break or hiatus - especially during the holidays or when there is a reprieve in work hours. 

Here's some full disclosure: my Social Media engagement is not a job. It's the work I was meant to do, and it's my passion. If anything, I find the pistons firing most at night, on weekends and during the holidays, so instead of taking a break from Blogging, it just keeps on keeping on (I am very comfortable with that). Admittedly, some might see this as a mild (or massive) form of workaholicism, I see it as my creativity (and art) flowing.

Ideas can't be stopped.

If anything, you should be your most creative during this time. The more time I get to spend with family and friends, doing the things we wish we had more time to do, the more things get noticed, the more relaxed things get... the more new thoughts trickle in. On top of that - and here's the biggest idea - the more time there is to simply think. Thinking is important. Thinking helps get you focused, but all of that new thinking has to go somewhere. For me, that "somewhere" is right here.

Don't question how others conduct themselves.

It's just as easy for me to look at certain Marketing professionals who shut down all operation and think, "they must not love what they do, if they see their jobs as work," as it is for them to say, "that Mitch Joel should really slow down and take a break from all of the work he does." The thing is, I am taking a break. In fact, so much so, that I have a lot of time to think... and all of that thinking needs a place to go.

Think about that.

Enjoy your holidays. Enjoy your time away from the office and the work. Enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy doing the things you don't ever really have the time for when the work piles up, but don't let that stop your creativity, your art and your passion (or sharing it). If anything, use the time you now have to really think. In fact, why not express it for everyone (including yourself) to toy and tinker with?

Think about that.

By Mitch Joel