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November 19, 201011:53 PM

Up Your Game

There are many people who want to move ahead in Marketing. They want a better job. They want more pay. They want a better title. They want to manage more people. They want to work on more interesting business. I hope you're one of those people.

Why do I wish that for you? Staying where you, are and doing what you're doing, and being paid what you're being paid to do the same thing next year won't do much for you. It won't move you to another level, it won't push you spiritually, it won't push you creatively, and it (probably) won't make you a better person. If you're not striving to grow, learn and push yourself, you're not living (sorry to get all Tony Robbins on you, but it's true).

There was a problem with trying to get ahead in Marketing...

Prior to the Internet, if you strived for more in Marketing, it wasn't easy to find the tools, networks and people to help you get ahead. You would have to (at best) take a course, pass it and then prove to your managers that you have the new skill sets required to move ahead. You could read some of the trade and industry magazines and newspapers and (hopefully) be able to prove some of the ideas you picked up in your client (or brand) work. You could attend a few industry events and conferences and bring that knowledge back to work. There were few (and limited but always expensive) ways to get the information you needed to push ahead.

There's no longer an excuse not to up your game.

We are here now. There are no more excuses. If you wanted to learn more, network with people and get some ideas and new skill sets, the only thing stopping you is you.

You can...

The things is...

You have no more excuses for not upping your game. The craziest part? The majority of the ideas listed above are free (or close to it). They are all available - at your disposable - right now, forever and 24-hours-a-day. Your organization, boss, management and peers may never help you move forward. You're not stuck. You don't need them. All you need is the commitment, time, effort and true desire. It doesn't matter if you are an entry-level employee, middle manager, senior executive, business owner in start-up mode or an entrepreneur with thousands of employees, there is still valuable learning skills and people to connect to at every level. Personally, no business books, courses or marketing conferences have held a candle to how the Internet has helped me upped my game (and I'm just getting started).

What are you waiting for? Up your game.

By Mitch Joel