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May 21, 2009 9:33 PM

Six Pixels Of Separation Book Details

If you're not interested in any "Mitch Joel self-promotion," please feel free to check any other of the Blog posts here. I totally understand.

My good friend and fellow Media Hacks co-host, Chris Brogan, got his cute little hands on a galley copy (i.e. advance copy) of my book, Six Pixels of Separation. He gave a very kind review of the book today over on his crazy successful Blog (which you can check out here: Chris Brogan - Don't Trust My Review of Six Pixels of Separation - the video portion of his review will be embedded below). From there, my publishing company (Business Plus - Grand Central Publishing - Hachette Book Group) also Blogged about it: First review of Six Pixels of Separation. And then there were a whole bunch of tweets and questions about the book and it's availability, etc...

What would you do?

Over the past couple of years, the content of this Blog has shifted. It's no longer about what I'm up to, or what Twist Image is doing. It's about publishing content that (we hope) will be valuable to people like you: those that are interested in Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, New Media, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development. The reality is that my book is not for the people who already belong to the Six Pixels of Separation community. You're already here. You're already on Twitter and Facebook, and no one has to convince you why you need tools like Google Reader or LinkedIn to grow. You get it.

The best way to describe the book is this: it is the prelude to the Blog. 

The book was written in business language with business examples for business people who keep hearing all of these new media buzzwords, but really have not given it the attention it deserves. It's not a technical book, and it's not a book that looks into the future of marketing. It really is a business book that explains this new media world and what every business can do to connect to it today (and where the ROI might be if it's done right). In fact, the book is for all of the people you're probably trying to convince to work with you. It's for those who want to read a book about this new space, but they're just not prepared to hop online and try it themselves until they understand the business implications.

I hope you'll tell them to pick up a copy.

Six Pixels of Separation - Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business To Everyone will be released in the first week of September 2009. It will be released in North America on hardcover and there will also be a simultaneous international version (yes, it will also be translated into multiple languages - more on that as it happens). There will be versions of it available for the Amazon Kindle and other e-book platforms. I am also going to be recording the audio book shortly. My understanding is that the digital download of the audio book will be available at the same time as the book launches, but the CD version will be out in October 2009.

The book is now available for pre-order here:

If you're a Blogger, Podcaster, Journalist, whatever, there are some advance galley copies available, and I am also working with my publishing company to figure out a way to get this book into the hands of anybody who wants to talk about it. Please feel free to email me with your requests.

That about covers it. Now, back to our regular scheduled programming...

By Mitch Joel