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September 12, 2009 9:24 AM

Six Pixels of Separation - Video Interview And More Book Updates

It has been one amazing/interesting week after launching the book, Six Pixels of Separation. Before we get to the video interview about the book, here are some updates...

Six Pixels of Separation - the audio book.

The audio book for Six Pixels of Separation has been released in digital formats at both Audible and iTunes. It is the full unabridged version (over 7 and a half hours) and it is with me reading it. The CD version of the audio book will be available by the end of October 2009. It has been doing very well over at Audible where it is the #2 Marketing audio book and #5 overall in the business category.

International releases of Six Pixels of Separation.

I met with the International team at Grand Central Publishing - Hachette Book Group in New York City this past week. There is a finished soft-cover International Edition that will be on sale in the coming weeks (and next month) via Business Plus - Hachette Book Group. We're talking Europe, Asia, Australia, Singapore, etc... There was a slight glitch on the Amazon websites for this release, but it should be fixed now.

The book is also confirmed for translation into French, Korean, Chinese, Italian and more. Once those are done, keep watching this space for release dates and additional translations of the business book.

(update from my Publisher: the book will be available in nearly every overseas market by the end of this month. In the UK and Australia it will be available in stores in late October. The key markets will be UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China).

Indigo - Chapters in Canada.

There seems to have been a technical glitch in getting the book into the physical stores of both Chapters and Indigo in Canada. My understanding is that the book got coded as an October 1st release instead of this week. Thankfully, the retail chain caught the problem earlier this week and have managed to get some inventory into stores in the major urban areas. If you're still waiting for your store to get it, please ask them when they expect delivery. If there is an issue, you can either let me know and I will forward the information on to the publisher, or you can simply buy the book online. I apologize if this caused any kind of frustration, but this was totally out of my hands.

(update via Twitter from a Chapters - Indigo representative when asked when all stores will have the book in stock: "Kristu_Du: A matter of days: en route to stores now. It'll be 100% by next weekend, but TO & Montreal are already stocked & selling.")

So, how did the book do?

It was a good week. On Amazon in the United States it was one of the best-selling Marketing books and hit #354 overall (at its highest point). Considering this is a very niche book on Digital Marketing, I'm happy with the results. On Amazon in Canada it was the #1 best-selling Marketing book, the #2 best-selling Business book at actually hit #14 (at its highest point) in overall books. Granted, these rankings switch by the hour, so it could have been higher or lower.

Thanks for your help.

In launching the book, all I really did was ask for your help. And help, you did. Many thanks to everyone who Blogged, Tweeted, and updated their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Every little bit of spreading the word really helped and was appreciated. The intention was not to just do this for one day, so if you have yet to share with those you know that the book is out, please do so. You can also read all of the reviews and mentions right here (this link is updated daily): Six Pixels of Separation Book Reviews And Media.

Here is the video interview for the book, Six Pixels of Separation (many thanks to CT Moore from Gypsy Bandito who handled both the interviewing and filming):

By Mitch Joel