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March 7, 2007 8:00 PM

Google News Alerts Now Grabbing Content From Twitter

I could hardly believe my Outlook in box this morning. For obvious reasons, the term "mitch joel" is set as a Google News Alert for me. I prefer to receive Google News Alerts via email because when I am on the road, I can grab a quick glance via my trusted Blackberry.

I was shocked to see this one from last night:

Mitch Joel: Power Within Ottawa comes to a close. Back home in Beautiful Montreal. My brain is fried. I've met/talked with too many great people today.
Twitter / Mitch Joel -

Yup, Google is not only parsing and indexing results from Twitter, but it is considering it Google News Alerts worthy. This is a powerful paradigm shift towards acknowledging all content as news worthy.

Twitter - what some are calling a micro-Blog or as I called it: "Twitter Is To Blogging What Post-It Notes Are To Notebooks" - gets some serious street cred as far as I'm concerned when it gets this Google-worthy.

I was so not convinced of Twitter when I first saw it a month back, but as the days troll on and the conversations take on more and more sustenance, it's becoming clearer what Twitter offers in terms of personal branding, leveraging networked markets and other social media realities. We're connecting in ways we've never imagined possible and Twitter has begun the process of intensifying just how closely connected we all truly are.

I'm wondering if the concepts evolving out of Six Pixels of Separation (the book, not the Podcast) should be renamed Six Twitters of Separation. If you thought we knew too much about individuals because of Blogs and Podcasts, Twitter will, literally, melt your brain.

Does anyone else find it fascinating that, at this moment, I know exactly what people like Robert Scoble, Leo Laporte and Steve Rubel are doing? Oh, I know this because they are telling me.

By Mitch Joel