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December 9, 2010 4:32 PM

Give The Gift Of Knowledge

It's not an iPad. It's not a Kindle. It's not a Xbox game. Sorry.

To some, this is going to sound like it's coming from the person who gives young children socks as gifts for the holiday season. I don't. But, let's face it, we live in a world of abundance (not everybody, but most of the people who read this Blog have it fairly good). We don't need more things made of plastic with lights and buttons on it, and we don't need any more gift cards to a major electronics retailer. One of the most powerful gifts you can give someone is knowledge. I've seen countless posts on great business books as gifts (I'm guilty of writing many of them!), so instead, here are just-released books that most people have (probably) not picked up... just yet.


Think beyond the giving of the book. Every time this person picks it up, they will think about you. Every time they take a note, or when the content spurs a new idea, they'll think of you. Maybe something within these pages will help them reshape their careers, their businesses and/or their relationships. They'll have you to thank. You can even inscribe the book with a personal message about why you think this special person will enjoy the read.

That's a real gift worth giving!

What new books are looking to pick up (either for yourself or as a gift)... emphasis on "new!" (as in recently released ;)?

By Mitch Joel