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May 21, 2013 7:51 AM

CTRL ALT Delete. Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends On It. Today Is The Day

What are you going to reboot today?

Today is the day. My second business book, CTRL ALT Delete, is now available. This book is broken up into two sections. Section one is titled Reboot: Business and in it, I define the five movements that have changed business forever that brands are doing little (to nothing) about. These aren't trends (as in, things that are coming). These are movements. They are here. They are backed up with data. They are massive. This will freak out many - but more importantly - provide an amazing opportunity for anybody (from startup to multinational) to take advantage of. Section two is titled Reboot: You and in it, I define several triggers that we - as individuals - now need to think about (and do!) to make ourselves indispensible in this new era of work. We have moved from a world where people would change jobs 4-5 times in their careers, to a place where individuals will change careers 4-5 times in their lifetime. Don't let this creep up on you. Be prepared.

Do you want to be employable in the next five years?

It's a massive provocation, but ultimately, I wanted this book to help people no longer have to think about answering this question. From a digital-first posture to embracing the squiggle in your career, CTRL ALT Delete is your business roadmap out of what I call "business purgatory." I hope you will join me on this adventure.

So, before I ask you to buy the book....

  1. Please read what Seth Godin wrote about CTRL ALT Delete yesterday: You should buy the book.
  2. If you're not willing to read the book, maybe you can listen to the audiobook? You could get CTRL ALT Delete as an audiobook for free here (with a whole host of other goodies and help the charity Jumpstart): CTRL ALT Delete - The Ultimate Business Reboot Audiobook Sweepstakes (thanks to the good people at Audible).
  3. If you're still uncertain, please check out what people like Arianna Huffington, Tony Hsieh, Dan Ariely, Susan Cain, Dan Pink, Jeffrey Gitomer, Julie Burstein and many more have already said after reading the book in terms of endorsements and reviews right here: CTRL ALT Delete Book Reviews And Media.

Please buy CTRL ALT Delete.

The first week of book sales are critical. We have set-up an interesting digital experience to tell the story of just how much has already changed in business, and to illustrate how few businesses are doing anything about it. This experience is also a live survey (three simple questions) that will be updated to demonstrate how we feel about the changes, and what we're doing about them. We partnered with Google Consumer Surveys to get a pulse on where we're at in terms of the great reboot and now we need you to join the fray as this continues to evolve. But, more importantly, the experience is filled with mind-bending pieces of data. You can check it out right here: CTRL ALT Delete.

A little something more.

If you buy a copy of CTRL ALT Delete (in any format), you will also be invited to a special Google Hangout event that will take place in the coming weeks. This event will feature me answering your questions, along with some very special guests. All you have to do is email me ( your receipt and the best email address to contact you about the details surrounding this very special event. Trust me, you won't want to miss this one.

A little something bigger.

If you buy fifteen copies (or more) of CTRL ALT Delete (in any format), you will be entitled to a free 30-minute private Google Hangout event with me that will take place on a mutually agreeable date and time. You can invite whomever you like and feel free to either ask me questions, or I would be happy to present a couple of new(ish) trends and what they mean to businesses. All you have to do is email me ( your receipt and the best email address to contact you about the details.

A bigger something.

If you buy 500 copies (or more) of CTRL ALT Delete in hardcover format (which I can offer you at a discount of close to 50% off of the retail price), you will be entitled to a free 60-90 minute live keynote presentation at your company. You can invite anyone you like (employees, clients, peers, industry friends, etc...). On top of that, I am willing to do the exact same presentation for the charitable organization of your choice. This could be a unique (and cost-effective) way for your company to have a special event. It could be a lunch and learn, an executive breakfast or a cocktail event in the evening. Along with that, it enables you to offer a special event to a charitable organization that you hold near and dear to your heart. If you are interested, all you have to do is email me ( and we can discuss (as there are some additional rules and stipulations to make this one happen).

And now, over to you. Are you ready? Let's go: CTRL ALT Delete...

By Mitch Joel