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December 22, 2008 9:12 PM

Build Your Brand And Publishing Empire Over The Holiday Break

Can brands afford to take a break during the Holiday season? What about Personal Brands? Does it help or hurt you to go "radio silent" on your Blog, Podcast and Twitter for a couple of weeks?

There have been a slew of Blog postings, Tweets on Twitter and audio commentary on Podcasts that "'tis the season to be taking a break." Admittedly, we could all use a break. It was a crazy year on many levels. Putting the economy aside (not an easy task!), just the changes in the new media landscape alone have been staggering. There's been no slowing down as online social networks like Facebook continue to grow and even mainstream media started pumping content down the Twitter tunnel. At every twist and turn new content and new multimedia (text, audio, video and images) channels are exploding. It's become a lot easier to push your ideas "out there" and even easier for those to comment on it.

If you can keep a consistent flow of content over the holiday season, do keep the stream going.

Are you going to stop reading or stop watching TV during this holiday season to "take a break?" If you have a Blog, Podcast, etc... you should be creating content because you have something to say, share and, ultimately, get off your chest. It should (hopefully) be all about the passion.There are a boatload of Blog topic ideas scattered throughout my Digital Footprint. From email folders to Delicious and from Google Reader "starred" items to plain old Moleskine notes on paper... so many topics that need to still be tackled... they're just begging for it.

The beauty of most of these channels is RSS... when something is ready to be published, you'll know.

The only reason to stop publishing or to take a break is if you consider this work. If it's not work and more about your passion, odds are you'll be publishing at the same output level - if not more. Doesn't a break from the regular day to day work schedule not pump you up with new ideas to yack about? To further this thought: since when did we all fall into the mass media complex of when to publish? Isn't the real beauty of this channel that you can post short (or long) and early in the morning (or late at night)? In fact, as someone who now has a break to finally read all of the cool and brilliant stuff you are creating, please don't stop! Now what are we all supposed to read? The newspaper?

Keep on keeping on.

If an idea sparks, if a concept comes to mind, if you see something that tickles your fancy, please do create that content and keep it going. Think about all of your readers and community members who finally have some time to stop, think, pay attention, engage, comment and ponder. Plus, why not publish when everyone else is taking a break? It sounds like the best time and perfect opportunity to pick up some new followers.

What's your plan? Create content or catch up on sleep?

By Mitch Joel